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Workforce Optimas Awards

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Entry Guidelines :

Organizations of all kinds are welcome, including private companies, public companies, educational and government organizations and nonprofits. There are no restrictions regarding scope, size, or focus of the workforce management initiative. Entrants from all countries are welcome. Consultants with clients eligible to enter are encouraged to work with the individual client in preparing and submitting the nomination form.

The application deadline is September 30, 2013.

There is a $195 entry fee for the practitioner categories and $495 for vendors.

Each entry must include a completed form describing the business challenges, the program and how it addressed those challenges, and the results of the initiative. Please do NOT send supporting documents with your entry. Workforce Management will request documents as needed.

Please select the Optimas Awards category most appropriate for your initiative. Your entry will be judged based upon its merits, regardless of the category, and the Workforce Management judges reserve the right to change the category of your nomination.


Each winning company and program is profiled in a story to appear in Workforce Management magazine and Workforce Management online (www.workforce.com).

Workforce Management editors review the entries and base their selection on how the initiative achieved measurable business results in response to the organization's business needs, issues or challenges.

For more information, view the selection criteria.